AGB & Datenschutz

These terms apply to everyone who accesses reserves the right to change these general conditions at any time by posting a new version on the website.

1. Purpose of the website

The purpose of the website is to connect teachers and students. It enables the creation of profiles for teachers and students as well as the publication and distribution of lessons.  2. Registration, access and termination The registration for the services takes place via the website .

The data and information that you provide to us must be correct and realistic and must in no way mislead the contact person into error.
You have to be an adult to post a course. There is no minimum age to access the courses published on the website. Apprentus reserves the right to refuse registration if these conditions are not met.
After registration, the user has access to his account with the email address and password he provided. Users who have lost their  password can request a new password via the website  .
The user and Apprentus can terminate the contract and / or the registration of the user at any time without mutual justification being required. You can cancel using the contact form  on the website or by email. Apprentus reserves the right to terminate the registration of a user who has violated these conditions.

3. Status of teachers and students
The students enter into a business relationship with Apprentus. When a student selects a teacher on the Apprentus website, the student hires Apprentus to provide services through its network of freelance teachers. The student acknowledges that the teachers are self-employed sole proprietorships who operate their businesses as a separate entity from Apprentus. As such, we have no control over the agreements or methods of the services offered and we  have no control over the professional relationship between the teacher and the student and cannot guarantee the services of a teacher.

The business relationship between the Teachers and Apprentus is that of independent contractors and nothing in these Terms of Use or other agreements is intended to create a partnership, employment or similar relationship between the Teachers and Apprentus. Teachers are solely responsible for filing their income tax returns with their local, state or other tax authority.
No part of the teachers' income is withheld by Apprentus for the payment of social security or other taxes on staff salaries.
The teachers are not authorized to represent Apprentus or to enter into a contract or engagement on behalf of Apprentus unless the teacher has expressly approved this in writing.

4. Use of the website and contact between teachers and students
The content of each lesson can be changed and updated regularly to confirm the availability of the teacher - or be deleted by Apprentus.
Students and teachers can only contact each other via the Apprentus email or reservation platform.
In order to facilitate contact between users, Apprentus reserves the right to check, filter, change, save and / or delete internal e-mails before they are sent to the recipient (s).
To help students find the best teacher for their needs, Apprentus can ask up to five other teachers to contact them via email if they are able to help. No personal information, including email addresses, will be shared.
Contacts with the aim of requesting or offering competing or illegal services / products, unsolicited promotional e-mails, etc. are not permitted.
Apprentus reserves the right to contact the teachers and students directly in order to facilitate commercial contact if necessary.

In its capacity as an advertising medium, Apprentus cannot guarantee the truthfulness of the information contained in the course descriptions or teacher profiles.
Apprentus cannot guarantee that payments for private lessons will be made outside of the Apprentus  website.

5. Publication of courses
After  registration, the user has access to his account . He can change his profile and manage his courses at any time.
The publication of the courses is free of charge.
The courses must not contain false, illegal, or misleading information. Apprentus  reserves the right to change a course or profile at its own discretion, without notifying the user and without giving any reason.
Lessons that do not comply with the purpose of the website, the general terms of use or with an unverified email address will be deleted.
Other than the pricing plan, the courses cannot include in their description any elements that would allow the author's contact details to be found without going through
Apprentus reserves the right to change or delete the relevant advertisements or to ask the author to change them.
Under no circumstances can the teacher expect any compensation. He must change his courses to allow publication.

6. Fees and payments
You agree to the payment terms  for teachers and studentsto respect Apprentus.
You agree to bear all costs associated with the Apprentus services. These costs include, but are not limited to (a) the teacher's hourly rate as stated; (b) the cancellation fees as described in the teacher's cancellation policy when ordering lessons; and (c) the commission between the student and Apprentus.
The exact price of a lesson is always published on on the course page and on the schedule. Payment for the courses is made online by credit card, PayPal or online transfer.

7. Limitation of Warranty The  telecommunications costs for the website www.apprentus.atare to be worn exclusively by the user.
Apprentus does not guarantee that the operation of its services will be continuous, fast, completely secure or free of minor errors.
Apprentus cannot be held responsible for the loss of information, the interruption or disruption of its services.
Apprentus cannot be held responsible for incorrect information provided by a user or any damage resulting therefrom.
Any other express or tacit guarantee is excluded.

8. Applicable Law
These terms of use comply with English law. In the event of a legal dispute, an out-of-court solution is sought before legal action is initiated. In the absence of a friendly agreement, these terms and conditions will be used as the legal basis and the courts of the judicial district of London have exclusive jurisdiction.

9. Unlimited e-mail support
Apprentus has a customer service that is available to you by e-mail and is available to answer any questions you may have. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know at, we want to hear from you!

10. Data protection
declaration Please also note the Apprentus  data protection declaration here .

11. Contact details
Apprentus LTD
20-22 Wenlock Road
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